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HP drives business savings in contact center with the Google Search Appliance

Posted by Ray Coyle, HP Global Workplace Services Manager

Editors note: Today’s guest blogger is Ray Coyle, Global Workplace Services Manager at HP Enterprise Services. HP Enterprise Services provides outsourced contact center operations to clients globally.

HP Enterprise Services is a worldwide organization providing outsourced technology and business solutions to more than 1,700 business and government clients in 90 countries. One of our core businesses is contact center outsourcing, a service provided in more than 40 countries and 22 languages.

We’ve been providing contact center outsourcing for a global Fortune 500 automobile manufacturer for several years. For this automaker’s call center, which we run on their behalf, our support specialists used a system that applied aging cataloging and indexing software to comb through a knowledge base of hundreds of thousands of HTML and Microsoft Office documents.

While the workflow was well specified and clear, search was the number one complaint among agents, who had to log into a series of screens. Our average call handling time in the call centers we run for customers is around 12 minutes. In our experience, we’ve found that shaving even a minute or two off that time produces 10–15% cost reductions that contribute to better profitability and savings for our customers.

For the automaker’s call center, we considered the time-consuming task of creating our own search tool using open source solutions, but instead chose the Google Search Appliance (GSA). So far, agents are reacting favorably to the simple interface, and this is leading to higher search usage.

Many features in the Google Search Appliance help agents find accurate information faster. KeyMatches, for example, allow us to promote the most-used web pages. Content collections let us group results by categories of client requests—a major help in finding a specific piece of information in a complex maze of documents and websites. Case-sensitive recognition helps agents hone in on the right information faster. By using crawl diagnostics, we can continue to refine the search results delivered to agents. This all leads to an increase in first-call resolution—the number one challenge call centers face.

By finding the exact information they are looking for in a matter of seconds, agents can quickly respond to customer needs. They do not have to scroll through pages of information and click on dozens of links. While we don’t have all the statistics yet, we believe the Google Search Appliance will lead to call-handling reductions of up to 15 percent and lower agent training costs. The GSA is a win-win for HP, our call center customers – and ultimately the end users who contact our customers’ call centers.