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A new way to sync Google Contacts

Posted by Jeff Ellingson, Product Manager

For many years, we've supported two open protocols for accessing Gmail and Calendar from mobile apps
and devices: IMAP for email and CalDAV for calendar. These protocols, combined with the options to
access Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts with your desktop or mobile browser and via native apps on iOS and
Android, help ensure you have a great experience regardless of the device you use.

Starting today, we're adding CardDAV - an open protocol for contacts - to that list. CardDAV enables 3rd
party clients, like the iOS contacts app, to sync your Google contacts. By supporting IMAP, CalDAV, and
CardDAV together, we’re making it possible for 3rd parties to build a seamless Google Account sync

To sync your Google Contacts on iOS using CardDAV, please follow these instructions in our Gmail Help