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An improved view for insurers with iv3 Solutions and Google Maps

Posted by David Newall, EVP, Sales and Data Solutions at iv3 Solutions

Editors note: Today’s guest blogger is David Newall, EVP, Sales and Data Solutions, at iv3 Solutions. The company’s PropertyIntel PING product supports the underwriting efforts of iv3’s property and casualty insurance clients.

Gathering information about a property can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task for both the insurer and the homeowner. We’d have to send out inspectors or have a long phone call to gather detailed information about a property. We noticed that Google Maps makes it easy for people to find directions or see a 360-degree view of a vacation spot, and we wanted to apply this to our business.

At iv3 Solutions, we built a real-time online report called PropertyIntel PING. This report uses the Google Maps API for Business and Street View. By combining Google Maps technology with our own address mapping and property information, we’re able to give our clients an immediate and detailed view of the property. This saves time and reduces frustrating phone calls with the property owner and the insurer. The Google Maps API also allows us to gather critical property data without having to store and maintain all of the basemap data on our servers -- and we can even add our own property data to provide more accurate results to our clients. Because of this technology and its integration with Google Street View, insurers can show their customers a customized “mash up” of rich photography, custom GIS data, aerial views and more. In the end, insurance companies are able to develop stronger relationships with their customers because they’re spending less time worrying about the technical details.

 With PropertyIntel PING, we’re helping our clients save time, increase profit, and improve customer service, using the power and ease of Google Maps API for Business. Find out more about iv3 Solutions and how you can integrate Google Maps into software.