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Bitro connects with the world with the Google Maps API

Posted by Junghoon Lee, Bitro

(Cross-posted on the Google Korea blog.)

Editors note: Today’s guest blogger is Mr. Junghoon Lee from Bitro. Bitro is one of many local businesses featured at Korea’s Geospatial Expo in Seoul. This event puts the spotlight on Korea’s growing geospatial technology sector and the businesses that are embracing maps and mobile work solutions to work smarter.

Losing cell phone reception is annoying. Not having the situation rectified quickly is even more annoying. The cellular and wireless network testing software that we make works to prevent cell network outages and to get you re-connected fast when they happen. We sell this technology to telecommunications companies who deploy mobile workers to conduct testing and respond to incidents. For them, it’s essential that they can map and track the locations of incidents and their workers in the field quickly and easily.

IDC estimates that by 2015 there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide. That’s a lot of people and businesses that will need reliable and real-time mobile and location-sharing solutions. As a fast expanding business with increasing numbers of international customers, we wanted a mapping API that had global coverage and was recognised internationally. Prior to moving to integrating the Google Maps API into our smartphone-based software in late 2011, we used local mapping software that limited our competitiveness in markets like North America and Europe.

After researching the options we found that only Google had a truly global map service that could support the multiple smartphone, tablet and browser platforms that our customers require. A versatile and affordable option, it’s been a smooth transition to Google Maps – it’s both intuitive for our customers and flexible for our developers.