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Continuing the transition from Postini to Google Apps

Posted by Adam Dawes, Product Manager - Google Apps

For many of our business customers, maintaining stringent security standards is critical. This is something we’re deeply committed to, and we have invested lots of time and resources into consistently enhancing security, archival and discovery features for our customers.

Since we acquired Postini, we've been working toward integrating its security and compliance capabilities directly into Google Apps. In the past two years, we developed and released numerous Postini features directly in Google Apps, such as user policy management; email content filters; archiving, retention and eDiscovery with Google Apps Vault; and many more. As we look ahead to 2013, we’ll continue these feature integrations and gradually transition Postini Google Message Security (GMS) and Google Message Discovery (GMD) customers to Google Apps. This will enable them to take advantage of the Postini features built directly into Google Apps that are more flexible, powerful and user-friendly.

As part of the ongoing integration of features, starting today Google Apps administrators can use a new feature to manage routing and basic filtering of email to on-premise systems as well as email to Google Apps users. This feature will make it easier for groups like sales, support and operations to use generic email addresses such as sales@ or support@. Messages to these addresses typically need to be routed to ticketing or alerting systems outside of Gmail, and now Google Apps has the capability to define routing rules to get these messages to their proper destinations.

We will communicate additional details about the transition to our customers in the coming months. We are also developing tools and resources that will assist with the transition.

After the migration, customers can explore other Google Apps such as Gmail and Google Docs. Google Apps offers compelling cost savings and productivity benefits that millions of businesses are already enjoying. We look forward to helping our Postini customers enjoy these benefits - when they are ready.

More information on the new email routing feature can be found in the Google Apps Help Center where there are also more details regarding the Postini transition.