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Dutch businesses are going Google

Posted by Jasper Maters, Google Apps Lead, Netherlands

Many Dutch businesses are beginning to go Google, joining the 10 top universities in the Netherlands that announced their move to Google Apps for Education last month. These businesses have transitioned to Google Apps for Business because the intuitive applications in Google Apps facilitate seamless communication and help employees work better together. Some of these businesses have been recently sharing the advantages they’ve seen since going Google.

Seamless communication
Ahold, the biggest food retailer in the Netherlands with supermarkets in Europe and the United States, has 55,000 employees using Google Apps for Business. Ahold made the decision to move to Google Apps for cost savings and to provide its workforce with a single web-based platform for communication and collaboration. Thanks to Google's mobile device management solutions, employees can access their information and work together from any location - on their work computer, home computer or mobile device.

De Rijke Group, a logistics service provider, chose Google Apps for its ability to improve online collaboration and communication. By using Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts, they’re able to share information faster with colleagues in international branches, rather than relying on email and in-person meetings.

Wegener Media, the largest Dutch publisher of local and regional media, recently switched 4,500 employees to Google Apps for Business. Their migration fits well with their transformation from traditional publisher to a media company that delivers digital content. In the news sector, minutes -- rather than hours -- can make a difference and Google Apps enable staff to access their e-mail and calendar, use Google Talk to consult colleagues and simultaneously work on the same document, regardless of time or place.

Intuitive applications
Beeld en Geluid, the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision, transitioned to Google Apps for Business so their employees would be able to work together anywhere. Using Google Docs, everyone has easy access to the latest version of documents that they are working on within the projects that Beeld en Geluid is carrying out. By having employees create Google+ profiles, they were able to quickly and easily create a company-wide "Who's Who". As employees can add a description of their responsabilities, Google+ allows employees to easily find the people they need to get in touch with and to share valuable insights.

Deli XL, a total supplier for the food service market, found that many employees already worked with Google products such as Gmail and Google Docs, so they were able to transition employees quickly and seamlessly. Deli XL also found a higher level of self-reliance among employees using Google Apps thanks to Google’s online support resources, reducing calls to the Deli XL tech support by 25%.

We have a large variety of Dutch businesses adopting Google Apps every day. What unites them all is their desire to help employees work better together. As the pressure to remain competitive and forward-thinking increases, Google Apps is helping businesses across the Netherlands cut costs while providing employees with cutting edge technology.