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Enhanced email management for user groups

Posted by Adam Dawes, Product Manager, Google Apps

Google Apps delivers a stream of innovation that brings new features to end users. That same innovation also applies to our Apps administrators. In the past 3 months, admins have gained a number of new capabilities in the control panel, including the ability to search email logs, manage mobile devices more easily, and manage email delivery.

Today, Apps admins have another new capability to support the needs of different user groups in their business or organization. Email settings can now be applied to groups of users, known as organizational units, or OUs. Examples of these email settings include: IMAP & POP access to Gmail, offline access, email forwarding, email footers and many more.

Applying email management settings to user groups helps Apps administrators tailor the use of Gmail within their organization. It’s especially beneficial for organizations that have user segments with different compliance or security needs, such as allowing IMAP access to a specific group of users.

Like all the features that Google Apps delivers, administrators just need to refresh their browser to get access to these updates. For more information on email settings for organizational units, please visit our Help Center.