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Google Apps domain registration has gone global

Posted by Hugues Vincent, Google Apps team

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) such as .com.es or .jp helps companies build a local footprint on the web, and ccTLD support is one of the most-requested features for Google Apps. We’re delighted to announce that today – thanks to a partnership with domaindiscount24.com – that we now offer 30 top-level domain (TLD) options, including 22 ccTLDs, with prices starting at $8 per year.

Now, businesses that wish to sign up for Google Apps but don’t yet have a domain name have plenty of local options to choose from during sign-up. Your new domain comes configured with all Google Apps services, including Gmail for your custom email addresses (@yourcompany.com). Your domain will be registered with domaindiscount24.com.

Here is the full list of TLDs now available when you sign up for Google Apps:

Global Asia-Pacific Latin America Europe
.com .in .co .be
.info .co.in .com.co .ch
.org .org.in .com.mx .cz
.net .net.in .mx .de
.mobi .co.nz .es
.biz .com.tw .com.es
.name .jp .me
.cc .nl
.tv .pl

We hope this gives new Google Apps customers more flexibility in their domain registration to help boost their local presence on the web.

Editors note: domaindiscount24.com is a member of the KeyDrive Group. All registrars of the KeyDrive Group manage together more than 6 million domains for more than 300,000 customers worldwide.