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Introducing the Save to Drive extension, plus enhancements to images

The new Save to Drive Chrome extension gives you a few new ways to capture content from anywhere on the web and store it neatly in Drive. After you install the extension, you can click on the Drive extension icon to save:
  • an image of an entire page or an image of the visible page
  • the HTML source code 
  • a Web archive (.mht) 
Or you can right-click on images or links to files and save them directly to Drive.
After you save using the extension, you’ll see options to immediately open the file in Drive, rename it, or view it in your Drive list, where you can do things like add it to a folder or share it with others.

There are also a few new ways to work with images you’re already storing in Drive. You can now zoom by scrolling or using the new ‘fit to page’ and 100% buttons. And if you have something to say about a specific part of an image, you can select a region and add a comment to it.
Posted by Josh Hudgins, Product Manager