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Reintroducing the platform formerly known as Google Earth Builder

Posted by Dylan Lorimer, Google Maps Engine Product Manager

In September 2011 we launched Google Earth Builder, a product that allows customers to use Google's cloud computing infrastructure to store, manage and share their own geospatial data and maps. Google Earth Builder enables secure access to geospatial data it hosts through our geospatial apps like Google Earth and our geospatial APIs like the Google Maps API. Customers have used the platform in a variety of ways, including third parties using it to power their applications, data providers using it to commercially distribute their geospatial data, and customers creating their own 3D globes with private mapping data. We didn’t think “Earth Builder” reflected the true capabilities of the product or vision that we have for easily accessible geospatial data. So, today we're renaming Google Earth Builder to be called Google Maps Engine. Today we’re also announcing the launch of our Google Maps Engine grants program for nonprofits. We hope that Google Maps Engine will power the next generation of world class mapping applications, and we are excited about all the new innovations that we’re working on bringing to the platform soon.

Dylan Lorimer, Google Maps Engine Product Manager