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Reselling Google Apps becomes even easier

Posted by Jaideep Mirchandani, Product Manager, Google Enterprise

For IT service providers and channel tools developers looking for a way to scale their businesses, we built a new Reseller API to let you integrate and automate components of the Google Apps reseller tools into your own customer and sales systems. This new API supports Google Apps for Business, Google Drive storage, and Google Apps Vault.

Here’s what you can do using the API, without even having to sign into the reseller tools:
  • Add new customer accounts
  • Transfer customers
  • View customer subscription information

For example, Megazone, a Korean-based domain and hosting provider, implemented the Reseller API as part of their existing domain name purchase process to make it easier for their web-based customers to sign up for Google Apps. If a customer opts-in for a Google Apps trial, they’re automatically set up in Megazone’s reseller console with a trial subscription. The customer can then sign in and start using Google Apps right away. This is a more scalable and easier way for customers to sign up for Google Apps through Megazone.

To learn more about the Reseller API, visit the Developer’s Guide in the Google APIs Console.