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Some new ways to get things done in Google Drive

Posted by Josh Hudgins, Product Manager, Google Drive

In case you haven’t noticed them already, here are a handful of small updates that will make it easier to find, organize, and view files on Drive.
  • Search by person: Can't remember the name of a file but know who shared it with you? Now Drive search auto-completes people’s names, making it easier to find the stuff you’re looking for.

  • View Google Earth map files: You can now open, preview, and interact with Google Earth files (.kml and .kmz) right inside Google Drive on the web.
  • Drag and drop folders in Chrome: If you’re using Chrome, you can drag and drop entire folders from your desktop to Drive on the web (at drive.google.com).
  • Search includes items in your trash: Sometimes files you are looking for accidentally end up in your trash, so now search results include files there too.
  • Create new folders while organizing files: Now when you select files in your Drive list, in addition to adding them to an existing folder, you can add directly to a new folder.

We’ve also added some tools to make it easier for Google Apps administrators to manage Drive for their domain.
  • Remotely install Drive on Windows computers: Remotely install Drive on many Windows machines at once using the Drive .MSI Installer for Windows.
  • License Manager API: If you have hundreds or thousands of people using Google Drive at your domain, use this API to streamline and automate your storage management tasks.
  • Bulk upload and assign storage: Add all users at once by uploading one CSV file for easily scalable license assignment.

  • Search for users: Assign or change storage for a particular user by searching for their name.