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The National Archives has gone Google

Posted by David Mihalchik, Google Apps for Government Team

Last month, the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) successfully completed the migration of all 4,500 Archives employees to Google Apps for Government. The National Archives is the country’s record keeper, preserving and providing public access to hundreds of years of historical documents and terabytes of modern media. Last year, NARA decided to move to cloud-based email and put out an open RFP asking for the best solutions to update its email and collaboration tools. The agency received many bids proposing a range of different solutions and late last year announced its selection of Google Apps with Unisys, a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, as the implementation partner.

The Archives chose an aggressive timeline, getting the new collaboration tools to its employees in just a few short months, one of the fastest transitions that we’ve seen. In keeping with best practices, the migration proceeded in three phases: an IT pilot, the early adopters, and the global go live.

By replacing an aging, on-site email system with Google’s modern tools, NARA employees are already discovering the benefits of Google Apps. For an agency that understands the importance of storing documents, the addition of approximately 22 terabytes of Google Drive storage allows employees to access and share their documents with ease.

I’ve spent more than a dozen years helping government adopt new technology, and never have I seen an entire agency migrate to a new tool so quickly and with such enthusiasm. We’re proud to bring Archives employees more modern, reliable tools to help them do their important work of preserving our nation’s history.