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Winemakers sip their way to success with Google Apps for Business

Posted by Ella Kim, Google Enterprise team

From growing the fruit and sending it off to the crushpad to bottling that first blend, winemakers are working from sunrise to sunset. When you see how much work goes into creating the perfect bottle, it’s apparent that a strong passion for wine is the driving force behind each company’s success. Here’s how three Californians with a love for wine turned to Google Apps for Business to help them start their own wine labels.

When longtime friends Noah Dorrance, Baron Ziegler and Steve Graf started Banshee Wines, all three still had day jobs. While they wanted to fulfill their dreams of opening a winery, they worked and lived in different areas of Northern California, and it was tough to get started. Without a physical office to work from, they turned to Google Apps for Business to create a virtual one. Today, they’re able to keep track of sales information, manage employees who are spread out across the country, and be accessible at any time on their mobile devices. Google Apps continues to provide them with a platform that helps them stay connected and work together.

Like the founders of Banshee Wines, Stacia Williams had another career for years, but was never able to ignore her passion for wine. In 2010, she started Cairdean Winery with her husband, Edwin Williams. They both knew starting a winery would be far from the typical desk job, and they needed the technology to keep them connected while they were constantly on the go. The mobility of Google Apps for Business was particularly beneficial for the duo who purchased a vineyard in one location but are building a new facility in another. They can send email, see calendars, and share documents whether they are checking on their grapes in the field or working on their new winery and tasting room in St. Helena, California. No matter where they are during the day, Google Apps helps keep their business running smoothly.

Husband and wife team Jeff Munsey and Felicia Alvarez established Pithy Little Wine Company in 2009. Their vision is as simple as their name: create good wine with no frills. The pair needed technology that matched their philosophy, and Google Apps provided just that. By choosing Google Apps for Business, the founders have a platform that allows them to stay organized, work together, and communicate with their customers – all in a cost-effective way. From using Gmail to communicate with customers, to using Google Forms to give managers better visibility in the workplace, Google Apps helps manage project workflow seamlessly. With Google Apps, they’ve been able to turn their dream of owning a winery into a reality.

What these three companies have in common are founders who share an intense passion for what they do. With a lot of hard work, they’ve brought their wineries to life, and we’re happy Google Apps made things a little bit easier.