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Your favorite apps, with Google Drive (Part 1)

Google Drive is a place where you can create, share and keep all your stuff -- so you can live online and get things done in the cloud. Drive is also an open platform, which means you can use third-party applications to do things like send faxes, make floor plans, and create mockups directly from Drive.

There are lots of great third-party Drive apps and Drive integrations out there, so we thought we’d periodically highlight a few useful ones on this blog.

Magisto: Make movies in just a few clicks 
These days you don’t need to rely on fancy desktop software or hard-to-use tools to combine multiple videos into a movie. From Drive, pick any video file, open it with Magisto, add a soundtrack and voila -- you’ll have a new movie, ready to share. (Chrome Web Store)

Trello: Manage group projects more easily 
With Trello, you can track complex projects and know exactly what needs to get done, who's going to do it, and what's coming up next. The Google Drive integration makes it simple to attach files to specific tasks on your projects, making them instantly accessible to the rest of the team. (Chrome Web Store)

ASTRO File Manager: Organize stuff on your phone
ASTRO File manager for Android helps you access all the files on your mobile device. With the Google Drive integration, you can search or browse through the contents of Drive right from Astro File Manager on your phone. (Play Store)

Get started with Drive apps 
Some integrations, like those three we mention on this post, don’t even require a download. Your favorite apps and services will just ask you for Drive access permission and that's it -- from then on they just work with Drive.

It's also possible to get Drive apps by visiting the Chrome Web Store today. Drive apps that you install in Chrome will appear under the Create button for easy access inside Drive.

Visit the Help Center to learn more about using third-party apps, and check back again soon -- we’ll feature a few more Drive apps on this blog periodically, so if you have any favorites that you’re using, let us know on our Google+ page.