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Adding another tool in the fight against spam: enhanced email authentication for Postini customers

Posted by Matt O’Connor, Product Manager, Google Postini Services Team

We’re constantly working to protect our users from email spam and phishing attempts. Some examples of these efforts include educating users about phishing and supporting open standards for email authentication such as DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) in Google Apps - which can help reduce the risk of phishing attacks sent from spoofed domains.

And now our Postini services customers can take advantage of new capabilities to help protect users on legacy email servers such as Microsoft(R) Exchange. Recipient Policy Framework (RPF) is a new feature we developed for Postini that allows customers to authenticate inbound email to help ensure that each message is actually coming from who it says it’s from.

RPF uses an open Internet standard called Sender Policy Framework to authenticate inbound emails and allows customers to define policies on how to handle emails that don’t check out. When RPF is enabled by an administrator, it will help detect and block email spam and other suspicious messages.

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