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Aperam reinforces infrastructure by going Google

Posted by Marie Tanguy, Google Apps Team

Aperam is one of the world’s leading stainless, electrical and specialty steel producers, based in Luxembourg but with operations in more than 30 countries.

Aperam recently decided to choose Google Apps for web-based email, shared calendars, integrated chat, automatic email translation, and greater use of video communications. The company will deploy Gmail as its global email solution for its 9,700 employees in October and will gradually switch its office software to Google’s cloud-based collaborative services during the following months. Aperam chose Google Apps to bring powerful real-time capabilities to the organization and enhance team productivity.

Moving to Google Apps will also help Aperam save on IT costs. Julien Onillon, Chief Financial Officer of Aperam, explains, “As part of our Leadership Journey, this move will allow us to make significant savings in our IT budgets.” Indeed, Aperam’s Leadership Journey aims to achieve a management gain of $250 million USD in 2011 and 2012, based on measures aimed at improving the company’s cost structure, and investments aimed at boosting its productivity and profitability in all markets.

“We see this switch to an advanced, collaborative online solution as a testimony to the company’s values of leadership, ingenuity and agility. We are looking forward to implementing it and reaping not just cost saving, but also strong organizational benefits,” adds Onillon.

The company’s migration to Google Apps is also in line with a corporate-wide commitment to find more sustainable and efficient ways of doing business.