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Our team shares what’s next in Docs in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”

Earlier this week, five members of our team held an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit, a popular social news community. While we get to hear from you on the forums, Twitter, and our blog regularly, we thought it’d be fun to experiment with something different.

In the IAmA subcategory on Reddit, a poster starts a thread by saying “I am a...” before allowing Redditors to freely ask questions. After introducing ourselves -- product managers Scott Johnston, Jeff Harris, and Ronald Ho; engineer DJ Lee; and me, the community manager -- we gave users the green light to ask us anything.

Over the next six hours, Redditors posed questions about our product roadmap, the challenges we’d encountered during development, and even our breakfast food preferences. We also gave users a sneak peek into the things we’re currently working on, including Cloudprint, presentations, and the mobile experience.

Having an AMA was a unique opportunity for us to hear from the community, and we were delighted by the stories, witty comments, and declarations of love that Redditors shared with us.

We announced this Reddit AMA on Monday via our @GoogleDocs Twitter account -- if you’re interested in participating in a community event like this in the future, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Posted by: Teresa Wu, Community Manager