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Review your mail forwarding and delegation settings

Posted by Saurabh Sharma, Product Manager

A number of Gmail settings are the kinds of things you can set and forget — like mail forwarding and delegation. When I was in college, I used filters to forward bills I received via email to my parents (lucky them!). That was useful for a few years, but not so much now that I’ve been paying my own bills for a while.

It can be pretty easy to forget about all the settings we’ve enabled years earlier. So, for about the next week, if you use Gmail's forwarding or delegation features you’ll see a message at the top of your inbox each time you sign in. The notice asks you to review your settings and confirm they’re still what you want.

If things look right, you’re good to go. The message will stop appearing in about a week. If you see any unfamiliar accounts or forwarding setups you no longer need, review your settings and change them as appropriate. Note that any unfamiliar accounts may indicate that your password has been compromised and you should change it immediately.