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The Google Docs Help Center gets a makeover

As Google Docs has developed over the last five years, the Google Docs Help Center has also grown to help you learn how to use hundreds of Google Docs features. With new features and articles being added regularly, however, the help center became hard to navigate, making it difficult to find useful help articles. Today, we’re happy to announce an entirely new help center structure that we’ve worked on for the last few months.

The Google Docs Help Center used to be divided by each individual Google Docs editor. But we've since found that presenting help articles by your intent is more helpful. We hope that this will cut down the time it takes you to find the article you're looking for, make it much easier to find that content, and help you learn about the power of Google Docs.

Here’s a look at the new categories you’ll find on the help center homepage:

  • Get started: Information about documents, spreadsheets, and more for new Google Docs users.

  • Work in Google Docs: Home to all help articles on editing and formatting, including content about Google documents and spreadsheets.

  • Manage, upload, and export: All help articles that were previously categorized as "Documents List." Here, you'll find information about file management, uploading and exporting, and Google Cloud Connect.

  • Share, publish, and embed: Information about sharing and publishing all in one place, since sharing is exactly the same no matter which type of doc you're working in.

  • Accounts, abuse, and privacy: Home to help articles about your Google Account, Google Docs settings, reporting abuse, and privacy policies.

  • Mobile: All help articles that relate to working in Google Docs on a mobile device.

  • Template gallery: Information about how to navigate the template gallery, use and submit templates, and report inappropriate templates.

  • Fix a problem: Houses information about known issues and how to solve a problem.

In the coming weeks, look out for more design and layout changes that will make your help center experience even better. Combined with the new help center organization, we hope that these ongoing design changes will make your learning experience in the help center more enjoyable, efficient, and useful.

Posted by: Julia Harter, Content and User Education Specialist